Administrative Forms

Contact District Student Services to obtain the following forms:

Academic Credit for Nontraditional Education
Administrative Drop
Admission Status Policy 3000 - Joint Diploma Program
Admission Status Policy 3000 - Provisional
Admission Status Policy 3000 - Special Admission Full Time High School
Admission Status Policy 3000 - Special Part Time
Application for Credit by Examination
Assignment of Incomplete
Certification of C.S.U. General Education - Breadth Requirements
Change of Course Level Within a Discipline
Change of Degree Declaration
Consent to Release Confidential Student Information by Faculty
Deferment Application
Employee Acknowledgement of Confidentiality of Student Records and Computer Passwords
Faculty Academic Sanction
Faculty Removal of Disruptive Student from Class
Fingerprint and Criminal Record Background Check Consent
Foreign Transfer Waiver Agreement
Grade Assignment/Change Form
Incident Report Form
Major and Transfer Studies Electives
Military Contract Education Program Official Class Roster
Petition for Academic Renewal without Course Repetition
Petition for Certificate of Performance
Petition for Modification of Major
Petition for Pass/No Pass Option
Petition for Schedule Adjustment After Deadline
Petition for Transfer Studies Degree
Processing Fees for Nontraditional Education
Processing Fees for Reissuing Degrees
Request for Change of Social Security Number, Name, Address
Request for Transcript Evaluation
Student Code of Conduct Guidelines for Online Classes
Student Petition
Student Waiver of Right of Disciplinary Board Hearing

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